Other publishing services help you enhance your ideas.

We know that working on your projects can sometimes take months, since defining them might depend on the harmonious combination of people, disciplines and other services. Our team will help you develop your ideas in less time and within a creative and proactive environment, using the technology and expertise of a multidisciplinary staff specialized in these projects:

  • Editorial advice: besides editing, review and design, authors need a hand to make a successful creation in the market. In this regard, Letra de papel offer a guide of reputable publishing houses with fair contracts that make good use of all the cultural and commercial advantages that your work can offer.
  • Website design: you started your business, now you want to make a brand or advertise your product and Internet offers endless links, colors, audiences and allies. In Letra de papel, we link your product with all the possibilities of online commerce without neglecting the image of your company or concept of your idea.

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Other publishing service